Sesión Lúcida

In honor of Robert Filliou’s ‘La Musée Légitime’ visual artist Martin La Roche Contreras curates a series of exhibitions inside a hat. For the edition at Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo I infused the interior of the Coppola hat with the essence of the Snuff Box Sea Bean  – the seeds of this species are employed in African traditional medicine to induce vivid, lucid dreams – mixed with rectified spirit and a splash of seawater. (Image: Yeb Wiersma)

Sesion Lucida, Yeb Wiersma
O, Wonder Magazine

Interview on my practice in O, Wonder Magazine dedicated to Green Culture and inspired by Felix Guattari’s Manifesto on Ecosophy. (Download interview here.) 

O Wonder Magazine, Yeb Wiersma
the great spin

The Great Spin (sketch proposal for City of Utrecht, Leidse Rijn) is an interactive project – looking into the dynamics of objects in motion, migration and play, exploring the possibilities in the nearby future to let a ball spin – equipped with a GPS tracker – in orbit around the earth. (Image: Ball departing from the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Peace Palace, The Hague, NL, Yeb Wiersma)

Yeb Wiersma
Homes without Hands (Nr.5)

During the 5th expedition we look at how the natural world is domesticated? In what kind of homes do animals dwell? And is our own body a home that we inhabit? With Zoo- and landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw, comparative psychologist Mariska Kret who’ll introduce us to the emotional world of great apes, and talk about love narratives and the bodies we dwell in with philosopher Margriet van Heesch of the University of Amsterdam.

Yeb Wiersma
The Cemetry of Desire, or How the Golden Tongue Lost its Name (Nr.4)

The upcoming expedition is dedicated to exploring the topics of extinction, preservation, the value systems and appropriated language we attribute to natural objects. Ecologist Joris Buis will introduce to us the threat we are facing of the ‘6th mass extinction event’. In case of extinction, what exactly is lost? What are the consequences of this loss? Design researcher Femke Herregraven will lead us through the game of speculation in nature, and visual artists Oscar Santillan and Vibeke Mascini will attempt to bring back an extinct word to life. Finally, CITES Officer Anton Huitema will speak about the enforcement of illegal trade in the port of Rotterdam. (Image: videostill from Cargo by Elisa Grasso & Yeb Wiersma, 2017)



Yeb Wiersma

How do humans and animals move through their environment on journeys of migration and flight? How do they navigate both their path and their resources, adapting to new circumstances? What role do material culture and environment play in shaping or sustaining identities in these precarious situations? The third expedition of ‘This Teeming World’ is dedicated to exploring migration and environment, and the strategies and modes of adaptation in identity, culture and environment. With London based singer/songwriter Sam Lee, Syrian photographer Omar Imam and ecologist Wouter Vansteenlant specialized in Bird Movement Analyses. (Image: Yeb Wiersma, 2016)

Yeb Wiersma

Visit to Artceb Botopasi located in a Maroon village in the interior of Surinam collecting material for a video work questioning and researching how the village’s natural and cultural rhythm sections are affected and influenced by its nomadic and colonial past as well as today’s introduction of mobile internet. (Image: Yeb Wiersma)

Yeb Wiersma

During the exhibition ‘The Center of the Story, #1’ Yeb Wiersma will present ‘Reading is an act’. A script reading containing a number of collected, associative tales to be told in and around the monumental, residential Justus van Effencomplex where ‘A Tale of a Tub’ resides. The architecture of the site will figure as the set for a literary game to be played between the artist-architect and the reader-inhabitant. (Image: The Tale of Bharat Lachmansingh, Yeb Wiersma, 2016)


Yeb Wiersma

(In)Tranquilo is the name of a commissioned work consisting of a public intervention where the artist pours two ritual perfumes (Tranquilo & Intranquilo) into the operating cleaning trucks’ water reservoirs belonging to the sanitation department of the city of Rotterdam – before sunrise – prior to their departure to ‘cleanse’ the city’s streets. (Image Yeb Wiersma, 2016)

Review of this work in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad can be read: Here.


Yeb Wiersma

On this second expedition – taking Merian’s ‘Book on Surinam Insects’ (1705) as point of departure –  we will examine what the Surinamese plant world can teach us today about our Surinamese and colonial memory, history and culture. With ethnobotanist Tinde van Andel, Tropical ecologist Thiemo Heilbron, visual artist Lotte Geeven and Sabrina Lisse Venetiaan and Jurman Blackson from Jursu Kultura. (Image: Yeb Wiersma, dried Busi Papaya plant for medicinal purposes)


The Art Magazine Metropolis M wrote a review:

Busi Papaya Plant, Yeb Wiersma