MASS (Formation No.1), 2016 see project

The artists Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma will present a site-specific performative work taking place in and around the Oude Kerk. After intensive field studies in the area -distinctive of the practices of the artists- Geeven & Wiersma have researched the pedestrian behaviour and city dynamics in the particular area. Their observations of human behavior and… see project

This Teeming World (2016) see project

This Teeming World is the first project of Foundation Glubbdubdrib and presents itself through seven library expeditions taking place at the natural history collection of the Artis Bibliotheek of the University of Amsterdam.   Tucked away behind its austere façade in the heart of the city, the Artis Library – teeming with unexpected treasures of natural life –… see project

A Song Adrift, 2011 see project

The video introduces a young man standing in a corn field next to a dismantled light house at the crack of dawn. He’s holding a flashlight while signaling the prologue of Homer’s Odyssey in morse sign language. Once, this man-made landscape, in which we find him, used to host the Zuiderzee and a refuge haven (Kraggenburg)… see project

Four Actions and Reactions see project

During the workshop you will leave the interior of the class room behind, roam around the streets of Amsterdam’s bustling Chinatown, encounter numerous places (casino, Chinese herbal medicine practice, bar, Oriental grocery store), people and objects and combine these undertakings with a series of uplifting, short actions and interventions on site. – You will receive 10… see project

Field(ing)Study, 2015 see project

An introduction workshop on observational techniques for the MA Graphic Design students taking place at the The Clown’s Church and Ridley Road Market, Dalston, Hackney.   It challenges you to review your ability to observe, record, organise, analyse, interpret, narrate and review. Stepping out of the studio and away from the desk, you will work in… see project

Cross Section of a Landscape (2015) see project

To experiment with a form that unsticks, like in walking the script is constantly moving.   Walk 1: No Solid Ground  With Rob Schmutzler (mudflat guide), Louwrien Wijers (artist) and Egon Hanfstingl (Buddhist chef) in Ferwert, Netherlands, Spring 2015.   Wiersma approached artist Louwrien Wijers, who lives in Ferwert to react on the idea of ‘Walking as… see project

X, Y, Z (2012) see project

  In 2012 Wiersma presented a reading of Mondrian’s essay in trialogue form ‘A walk from the country to the city’ (1911) at Lost and Found. For this occasion she invited three teenagers to read live her transcript on stage, each of them representing one of the characters Mondrian introduces: X, Y and Z. How do his… see project

Jealousy, 2015 see project

  ‘A…has come into the bedroom by the inside door opening onto the central hallway.’ (Page 23)     ‘Neither she nor Franck moves.’ (Page 15)   For the exhibition the participating artists were asked to reflect upon a book title from the Jan van Eyck library as reference for their contribution. Wiersma chose the novel ‘La… see project

Choreography in Steel, 2015 see project

The premise of an auction was used to examine the life span of an archive, how a body of work is disseminated and an artwork’s relation to the notion of death. Blake and Wiersma created a performance presentation around the value and currency of an artwork by playing with the protocols and tactics of an auction.  … see project

Elastic Novel, 2016 see project

(Voice-Over): “Let me give you a brief description of how she leaves through the pages: “We find her stumbling upon Fu Manchu, an escape artist at the library of Conjuring Arts, we catch her talking and gesturing to a subway dancer, who’s stretching his legs on a painter’s gravestone, collecting words in front of Goldman’s… see project