Openings, 2014

The van Eyck artists’ building (studio programme for visual artists, writers, designers, performers) and the Music Conservatory of Maastricht are situated opposite each other, alongside a square. The artists working in their studios were exposed to unintentional scores formed by various instruments of the music students simultaneously rehearsing. The sounds echoed distinctly in between the intermediate space of the two buildings. 


Four music students were invited over to the van Eyck side, to have them rehearsing1 for once inside the operating van Eyck ‘factories’ (wood- metal2-, printing workshop and library) in order to witness and experience how the acoustics (spatial qualities) and dynamics3 altered, going from mezzo-forte into fortissimo, from an exterior dialogue into an interior one.


A music notation/graphic score book4 was published alongside this intervention, and slipped underneath the studio doors of the residents at the Jan Van Eyck to accompany the making of ‘dynamic works in motion’.

  1. unspecifiedHindemith’s piece Kammermusik No.1 were both rehearsed by Prabhu and Bruninx and led Wiersma to approach the music students hearing Hindemith’s notes coming in from her studio window. Listen: 
  2. _MG_0139José Luis Pérez Torrecillas rehearsing the piece ‘Dialeg’ for French horn in the metal workshop at Jan van Eyck, 2014.
  3. _MG_0153Yannis exercising the dynamics of ‘Suite pointilistique’ by Elgert, 2014
  4. bookClick here to download the graphic score book (PDF):