Let’s Go Out, 2014 see project

  ‘Let’s Go Out’ was an action developed in collaboration with graphic designer Paul Bailey, which re-published the Futurist manifesto ‘L’Arte dei rumori’ written by Luigi Russoloin correspondence with Francesco Pratella in 1913-14. This act of re-publishing took its form upon banners and signs containing the original Italian sounds categorised by Russolo, held high in the hands of… see project

Departures, 2001 see project

The series have been exhibited by Museum De Paviljoens, Museum Het Domein and published by magazines such as The Gentlewoman, Vrij Nederland and Octavo Publishers.   “Tijdens haar studie aan de Cooper Union Academy for the Advancement of Science and Arts in New York fotografeerde Yeb Wiersma deze studenten, die ze slapend aantrof in de… see project

V-Effekte, 2004/2016 see project

V-Effekte is a light work, installed from 2004 onwards on the roof of the international artist-in-residence program in Nairs, Switzerland. The artist’s house, an old bathhouse situated in the mountain valley beside the river Inn, creates a situation of isolation where invited arts are able to grow and develop their practice. Although the international artists’ residency has… see project

Storyville – The New Collection, (2009) see project

Between 2007-2009 Wiersma hosted a series of workshops ‘Storyville’ at Site 2F7, a construction- and wasteland area in between Museum de Paviljoens and the new to build public library of the developing city of Almere. Unhindered by restrictive regulations or zoning, children and adolescents – guided by the artist – explored the construction sites, gathering bricks, plants, plastic… see project

Special Effects, 2015 see project

Fragment No.1 (In Dutch): ‘Ga op je hurken zitten, met de beide voeten tegen elkaar aan, zodat de stroom niet via het ene been naar boven en via het andere been naar beneden kan’, vertelt Frank Lane die ik zojuist op Google ontmoette, dat uitgestrekte landschap waar ik me dikwijls in verlies. Hij vervolgt, ‘de… see project

Mister Motley, 2009/2014 see project

Contributions to several issues over the last years regarding the work of others.   Her Wild Thinking (2012) – On the practice of visual artist Christy Gast whom Wiersma interviewed at her studio in Miami, Florida.   Fragment (In Dutch): Een denkbeeldig gesprek vindt plaats tussen twee New Yorkers, die al pratende en druk gebarend door de straten… see project

Lost and Found Editions, 2013/2015 see project

Lost and Found hosts monthly evenings of stray images in and around Amsterdam. Yeb Wiersma contributed for the following editions: Artis Bibliotheek, 2013 De Oude Kerk, 2013 Steim, 2014 De Drie Heuvelen, 2014 Muziekgebouw, 2014 Trippenhuis, 2015 Selection of contributions made by: Jacqueline de Dansschutter on a faeces’ journey Mathias Ringgenberg dancing while peeing Miek Zwamborn… see project

Field Recordings, 2014 see project

How to describe the relationship between a body and the forces acting upon it and its motion in response to said forces?    Series of site-visits, movement- and collaborative exercises and interventions for the students of the Jewelry Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Offering tools in terms of physical- and sensual knowledge making and affirm… see project

Paradise Lost, 2009 see project

For three successive days every citizen of Amsterdam could witness – in ‘real’ time – the unraveling, fictitious story of Felix and Lucy’s brief affair and their whereabouts in Amsterdam by freely subscribing to the ‘Paradise Lost Editions.   The form and narration of this feuilleton was loosely based on the published film scripts of the French… see project

Surveillance, 2013 see project

For the project Surveillance, Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma collaborated to claim the Stationsbuurt in The Hague – as their work and research area. In the course of a month, this area of about one square kilometre became a dynamic space, in which the mechanism of observing is scrutinized in a rough manner with various… see project