Paradise Lost, 2009

For three successive days every citizen of Amsterdam could witness – in ‘real’ time – the unraveling, fictitious story of Felix and Lucy’s brief affair and their whereabouts in Amsterdam by freely subscribing to the ‘Paradise Lost Editions.


The form and narration of this feuilleton was loosely based on the published film scripts of the French ‘Cahiers du Cinema’ including photo stills1, written scenes2, dialogues, advertisements and reference notes.3


Special volunteers delivered the Paradise Lost Editions personally to the subscribers. Some of the couriers would re-appear as actors or extra’s4 written into the script. The different ‘newspaper’ couriers all played the same part – that of Lucy and Felix – of two people falling – in and out of love5.

  1. unspecifiedScene XXVII: Location scene: Outside the aquarium of the Artis Zoo, Amsterdam. Props: Cell phone, old gentleman’s bicycle. Supporting actors: Kasper Jacobs. Extra’s: tourist passing by. 
  2. Page 3, Scene I, birds-eye-view, airplane above the Atlantic ocean: A bright celestial body: the sun. A glaring blue surface: the sky. From out of the distance an airplane approaches, leaving a white vapor trail. It comes straight towards us. As the roaring of the motors become louder, we recognize behind the front window a form, a man. A pilot, thinking about the white chalk stripes on his suit, about a false alarm. We see the aisle, a stewardess walking, smiling an ineradicable smile. She hands cushions to people, who in their normal biological rhythm, would be sleeping at this moment. But their moving back in time doesn’t allow them to be enclosed in consoling darkness.

  3. courbetSome reference notes included:  John Milton – Ermenegildo Zegna – Youth Hostel in Amsterdam – Bobby Fisher’s Guerilla Funeral – Virginia – Kate Moss – The Exorcist -A Perfect Day For Bananafish – The Most Five Items Sold In The Van Gogh Museum – Concerning The Spiritual In Art – Gerard Makoumba – Marc Jacobs – Real Estate Opportunities In Boston – Transcendentalism – Ventriloquist Convention 2010 – Sponge Bob – Calvin and Hobbes – Amelia Earhurst – Gepetto – T.S. Eliot – Gustave Courbet. Image: The painting “L’origin du monde by Courbet at Musée d’Orsay, Yeb Wiersma 2009. [..]
  4. Artis_1Scene VIII: Lucy and Felix visit the Zoo where they stumble upon the same woman they saw the day before staring at them from behind the window of a coffee shop.
  5. Schermafbeelding 2013-08-31 om 00.27.47(Voice-over): “They head off for Amsterdam. In this city they hope to find a new venue for their love, in which nothing but the story of their love will be told, exclusive of and abstracted from interferences from outside. But the setting starts playing a role of her own in which Lucy and Felix find out that they are not in control of the script of their visit…they have checked in at Hotel Paradise Lost.”