Storyville – The New Collection, (2009)

Between 2007-2009 Wiersma hosted a series of workshops ‘Storyville’ at Site 2F7, a construction- and wasteland1 area in between Museum de Paviljoens and the new to build public library of the developing city of Almere. Unhindered by restrictive regulations or zoning, children and adolescents – guided by the artist – explored the construction sites, gathering bricks, plants, plastic and made-up stories. – “We imagined Site 2F7 as a book or movie, as building blocks for adventurous concoctions; we proceeded in the imaginary Storyville.”


When Wiersma was asked in 2009 to create a work for ‘The New Library’ she approached the library building again as an unhindered site in the making, a place to roam. Going through the existing collection of fiction books she couldn’t find some of the titles that embodied her own coming of age. This lead Wiersma to donate the missing English titles – like ‘Franny and Zooey’ (Salinger), ‘Slaughterhouse V’ (Vonnegut), and ‘What we talk about when we talk about love’ (Raymond Carver) from her own private collection. These titles2 – with its own category ‘Storyville’ and index system – can now be borrowed and read by the residents of Almere as well as the publication3 with short texts and photographic illustrations by Wiersma to introduce the private/public collection.


  1. WastelandImage: participant of the workshop ‘Storyville’, Site 2F7, Almere.
  2. Storyville_Yeb_Wiersma_7Book titles from the private ‘Storyville’ collection, now part of the The New Library, Almere, 2009. 
  3. Storyville_Yeb_Wiersma_15The ‘Storyville’ publication (34 pages) contains texts and illustrations by Wiersma based on her own (adolescent) reading experiences.