Elastic Novel, 2016

(Voice-Over): “Let me give you a brief description of how she leaves through the pages: “We find her stumbling upon Fu Manchu, an escape artist at the library of Conjuring Arts, we catch her talking and gesturing to a subway dancer, who’s stretching his legs on a painter’s gravestone, collecting words in front of Goldman’s apartment, learning from an astrologer1 she came out of a period of severe darkness, assigning a composer to write a score for sidewalk heroes, connecting to a sign interpreter who illustrates her how to capture the space in between.”


The project Elastic Novel2 presents itself through a script, one in which language – in various forms – plays in between the gaps of reality and fiction, of the past and the now. Set against the backdrop of a city, the different characters and scenes unfold themselves over time and place, while exploring the visual, and spatial aspects of narration.

For every chapter of the ‘Elastic Novel’ different ways to read the particular narrative will be created, this resulting in a diverse series of ‘language’ interpretations, which over time and place reveal the interrelationship between the themes, motives, characters, spheres and settings. 


The Elastic Novel displays Wiersma’s ongoing interest in how we script our lives and to what extent we are able – and yet not able – to incorporate the language of ‘the instant now’ into daily practice; the novel will be life.


  1. signsInterrelational astrology chart between Piet Mondrian and Yeb Wiersma drawn by Bart Lidofsky, Theosophist and owner of E-Magick Services based at the headquarter of Theosophical Society at East 53rd street, Manhattan. Research material for Chapter: Lidofsky’s Charts.
  2. Naamloos-2Video still deconstructing Mondrian’s Victory Boogie Woogie painting in a hotel room around the corner from East 59th street where Mondrian worked and lived during his last years.