Four Actions and Reactions

During the workshop1 you will leave the interior of the class room behind, roam around the streets of Amsterdam’s bustling Chinatown, encounter numerous places (casino, Chinese herbal medicine practice, bar, Oriental grocery store), people and objects and combine these undertakings with a series of uplifting, short actions and interventions on site. – You will receive 10 different exercises. Pick four actions2 and create dito reactions:


1/The Afternoon was dark and unnatural3
(Who’s this character?)


2/The next poem will have a bedroom
(The rustling sound of a stranger’s sheets)


(I could see the smallest things)


4/Sweltering Ginseng Geometry4
(Smell your story)


5/Things come and go like lightning
(A Chinese whispers)


6/The magician’s midnight sleeve
(Fill your pockets with tumbling sevens)


7/Mr. Bachmann’s Oblique remedies
(Trust your finger. Ring his bell)


8/Leaving two objects arranged5
(A piece of jack fruit might complain)


9/Slowly pages are falling into sight
(Be carried through artificial tunnels and dream recurrent dreams)


10/Lift the city’s skirt
(Any minute now, something will happen..)

  1. A chance to place your ways of creating within the specific context of an existing, challenging and social realm, that of the restless city. By doing so, we’ll make way for dynamic and vivacious players such as chance, spontaneity, motion and ‘otherness’ to adorn and diversify your artistic toolbox. (Image: poster on field stick)
  2. Some move, some don't, 2013Some move, some don’t, Yeb Wiersma 2014 (Illustration for Four Actions and Reactions)
  3. No 1: You are seated in a café. You order a drink and look around at the people sitting at the tables and the bar. Choose two people that are sitting together. Observe them. Imagine who they are, what they feel and think and what they might be talking about. Write down a short scene in which you improvise a dialogue between the two. You both take the role of one of the characters. Don’t judge your story, when it’s cruel, it’s cruel, when it’s sad, it’s sad, when it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense.
  4. Buy three different dried plants at Wing Tsoen Tong Chinese Herbal Medicine store at Zeedijk 84. Smell your story. 
  5. Four_Actions_Reactions_Yeb_Wiersma_22No.8: Buy an an attractive piece of fruit or vegetable in a Tropical supermarket. Find a pedestal to display your temporary sculpture. Make a photo of it. Repeat several times with different pedestals inside and outside. Give your ‘sculptures’ a title.