“Let’s get out quickly, for I can’t repress much longer the intense desire to create a true musical reality finally by distributing big loud slaps right and left, imagining our orchestration of department stores’ sliding doors, the hubbub of the crowds, the rumblings and rattlings of engines breathing with obvious animal spirits, the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags, let’s go out!”

— Luigi Russolo, The Art of Noise, 1913-1914

Let’s Go Out, 2014


‘Let’s Go Out’ was an action developed in collaboration with graphic designer Paul Bailey, which re-published the Futurist manifesto ‘L’Arte dei rumori’ written by Luigi Russolo1in correspondence with Francesco Pratella in 1913-14. This act of re-publishing took its form upon banners and signs2 containing the original Italian sounds categorised by Russolo, held high in the hands of forty participants moving through the streets3 of Maastricht, the Netherlands.


‘L ‘Arte dei rumori’ was choreographed into a new, spatial score composed by Robert Platz and conducted by Wolfgang Delnui. It drew upon the dynamics of a map of the city of Maastricht drawn in 1914, the same year as the publishing of the original manifesto. Six different pathways through the city emerged from this score, directing the participants of the action through the streets of Maastricht. The sounds transformed into a live orchestra of Russolo’s manifesto concluding in the Vrijthof square.


Rumori, a specifically commissioned typeface drawn by Paul McNeil, operates as a tool to bridge the resounding noises of Russolo’s past, once again in our present, and onwards into the the future. The typeface is based on ten characters shown of the front cover of “L’Arte dei rumori” published in Milan 1916. The Rumori typeface has been developed in three alternative contours: Chiari (a clean, sharp profile), Levigati (a soft profile) and Grezzi (a rough profile) and can be freely downloaded through Type Brut

  1. unspecified-2Luigi Russolo  (1885 – 1947) was an  Italian  Futurist  painter, composer, builder of  experimental musical instruments, and the author of the manifesto ’The Art of Noises’ (1913). 
  2. Birthe_4-350x233All the 6 different groups concluded on the Vrijthof Square, in the centre of Maastricht.
  3. Lets+Go_Out_Yeb_Wiersma_Paul_Bailey_001The composer Platz choreographed the spatial score by giving specific directions to the different sound groups. Group 3 was given direction to walk around the statue of the inventor of the balloon gas three times. Others who moved through the shopping streets were asked to move in and out department’s sliding doors, go up and down the escalators.