MASS (Formation No.1), 2016

The artists Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma will present a site-specific performative work taking place in and around the Oude Kerk. After intensive field studies in the area -distinctive of the practices of the artists- Geeven & Wiersma have researched the pedestrian behaviour and city dynamics in the particular area. Their observations of human behavior and crowd movements1 in urban settings have led to this first work in a series of formations taking place in Amsterdam over the year of 2016.


WHAT IS A MASS? WHAT MOVES A MASS? Based on fieldwork, theory study and helped by AMS institute the artists look at these questions and organize an experimental evening on the verge of chaos aiming to reveal the forces behind crowd formations.  The audience will be invited to be part of these first experimental formations that will – characteristic of Geeven & Wiersma’s work – be encouraged to look at the city’s momentum and its actors in a new light.

  1. Schermafbeelding 2016-05-28 om 19.18.50Geeven and Wiersma asked Paul Gangloff (graphic designer) to make a set of graphics from their observational data and sketches.