X, Y, Z (2012)


In 2012 Wiersma presented a reading of Mondrian’s essay in trialogue form ‘A walk from the country to the city’ (1911) at Lost and Found. For this occasion she invited three teenagers to read live her transcript on stage, each of them representing one of the characters Mondrian introduces: X, Y and Z. How do his words and ideas sound after one hundred years, read by adolescents? The actors are taking a stroll in the country, moving through the landscape, the city glooming in the backdrop. Even though Mondrian’s language on Neo-plasticism comes across today as rather rigid, outdated, Wiersma was intrigued by the form he chose. The essay as film script, with sober set descriptions – which she projected during the performance – functioning as abstract representations of his own belief; how not to illustrate, but the capture the essence of the nature of things: “Dark. Flat countryside. Vast horizon. Far up the moon.”